Dear Prospective Indigenous Student,

We are excited you are considering Emory University, located on Muscogee (Creek) land as your campus home. We welcome you to our growing Indigenous student community that is eager to support you! We invite you to learn more about the ad hoc committee at Emory working to amplify Native voices on campus as well as creating more visibility and awareness of Native American and Alaska Native issues. We welcome your valuable perspective, lived experiences and stories to build a more inclusive campus community. We understand this is an important choice for you, your family and community. You can learn more about our work through this report. If you want to know more about Emory, we encourge you to contact us.

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Land Acknowledgement

Emory University acknowledges the Muscogee (Creek) people who lived, worked, produced knowledge on, and nurtured the land where Emory’s Oxford and Atlanta campuses are now located. In 1821, fifteen years before Emory’s founding, the Muscogee were forced to relinquish this land. We recognize the sustained oppression, land dispossession, and involuntary removals of the Muscogee and Cherokee peoples from Georgia and the Southeast. Emory seeks to honor the Muscogee Nation and other Indigenous caretakers of this land by humbly seeking knowledge of their histories and committing to respectful stewardship of the land.

Program Leaders

Malinda Maynor Lowery

Cahoon Family Professor of American History

Emory courses taught by Professor Lowery:
  • A Legal History of Native Peoples

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Beth Michel

Associate Dean of Admission and Lead for Native American & Alaska Native Outreach

(Tohono O'odham Nation Citizen)

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Megan E. O'Neil

Assistant Professor of Art History; Faculty Curator, Art of the Americas, Michael C. Carlos Museum

Emory courses taught by Professor O'Neil:
  • Art and Architecture of the Mesoamerica
  • Materiality and the Senses in the Art of the Ancient Americas
  • Histories and Ethics: Indigenous Arts of the Americas in Museums

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Mandy Suhr-Sytsma

Senior Lecturer of English

Emory courses taught by Professor Suhr-Sytsma:
  • First-Year Writing: Native American Voices
  • Gender & Sexuality in Native American Literature
  • Native American Women's Literature
  • Major Authors: Louise Erdrich

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Christine Ristaino

Senior Lecturer of French and Italian

Emory courses taught by Professor Ristaino:
  • Social Justice Movements in Italy and Beyond through Memoir and Poetry
  • Noodle Narratives on the Silk Road: A Cultural Exploration of Italy and China Through Noodles

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Craig Womack

Retired Faculty

(Muscogee Creek)

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Debra Vidali

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Emory courses taught by Professor Vidali:
  • Indigenous Peoples of North America
  • From Fieldwork into Performance
  • Experimental Ethnography
  • Decolonizing Theory & Practice

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